Bites. Booze. Boogey


I absolutely love entertaining. I simply love opening my home to friends and chatting about anything and everything over a meal and a drink 😉

Isle&Dine (Disclaimer: I’m a Co-founder) provides a platform that allows visitors and locals alike to dine in Barbadian homes. The menus are diverse as well as the hosts’ experience. Hosts range from trained Chefs to fabulous home cooks.

The platform now allows me to host events and make new friends with visitors from anywhere in the world. I hosted my first event in October and I must admit I had a blast. Our guests included an Italian, a Venezuelan, a bunch of Brits who have returned to their parents’ place of birth, a Ghanaian and myself.

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The hors d’oeuvres were fully enjoyed, but from all accounts, the crowd favourites were the ‘Tamarind glazed pork wrapped in plantain’ and the ‘Codfish and yam balls’.

The cocktails were also a hit and after a few everyone was happily listening to the music and dancing.

If you’re a visitor to the island and wish to meet new friends, taste the fresh local fare and have a safe and enjoyable time doing so, then this experience is definitely for you.


  • Barbadians love both pork and salted cod and you’ll find various meals made with these tasty goodies anywhere on the island.
  • Sorrel is a local flower which is usually brewed and drank at Christmas time.


Table talk

Privacy and social media

Social media has certainly changed the way we interact online, offering immense advantages, but also poses security risks as we are encouraged to share our private data including birthdays, email addresses and location.

I recently published an article about safe-guarding your privacy when using Apps on Facebook – do check it out.

What is your take on privacy and social media?
My opinion:
  • Social media is here to stay (evolve or go extinct)
  • It can be very useful as it amplifies your (brand’s) voice and allows you to partake in wider (even global) issues
  • Be careful: be cautious of what personal information you share online, follow best practices (use strong passwords, install an antivirus/anti-spyware etc.) and keep up-to-date with the ever-evolving social media landscape.




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