Milanesa Napolitana

While scrolling through the list of national dishes I came across Argentina’s meaty Milanesa a la napolitana: Steak, ham and cheese. Based on the ingredients alone, surely a meal doesn’t get much better than this.

Jollof Rice

February is African Awareness Month in Barbados, so I will continue with the African recipe theme, and today it’s all about Jollof Rice. Jollof is a one-pot dish of rice which is cooked in a tomato stew. You can add vegetables and any meat of your choice. Jollof rice is the pride of many African…

Recipe: Red Red

It’s been a while since I visited Ghana, I haven’t been back since the Summer of 2015. One of the things I miss the most is the food: roasted plantains and peanuts, waakye, shito and of course red red. Red Red is a black eye pea stew made with plam oil and tomatoes (hence the…

Recipe: Baba Ganoush

I love a healthy snack and quite recently , I have been trying to remove as much processed food from my diet. I have also cut out many imported fruit and vegetables and now usually eat what’s in season at my local farmer’s market. This week after some searching I found┬áthis recipe for Baba Ganoush….